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WE  have shot hundreds of weddings through the years. Our style of wedding photography is delicate blend of wedding photojournalism, fine-art, fashion, and traditional photography. Because versatile, we realize that a whole wedding really can't be shot with just one style. We study light in order to create it. Whether it's directing natural light or creating dramatic sunset images with a balance of artificial light, we take pride in our ability to be creative through our study. In the end, we like our images to be the focus, to speak for themselves. 


For many of our clients, privacy is important element, especially in the social media era. For this reason, your photos can always be guaranteed to be protected and private. Our experience, and our limited availability means that we can individually focus on your needs, styles, and special requests. Please take a look at our brief collection of images we have captured through the years.  

               -carlos & andi   


Thanks! Message sent. Either Carlos or Andi will reach out to you very soon! We appreciate you stopping by!


Do I need an Engagement Session?

There are countless reasons an engagement session is a great idea! Getting you in front of our cameras before the wedding is a very positive thing. It allows us to get to know each other in preparation for your wedding day. Most importantly, it allows you as a couple to warm up to our cameras! Another benefit of doing an engagement session is that I get to see how you interact with each other. This gives us a better idea of how best to work with you on your wedding day. 

Do you travel for weddings?

Travel is our favorite thing to do! So yes, we'd be happy to come to you!


How many hours do we need?

Every wedding is unique in styling + timing. The amount of coverage that you need may vary from someone else's needs. Given that fact, our preferred amount of coverage is eight hours. Eight hours gives us just about the right amount of time to thoroughly tell the story of your wedding day without rushing which can result in missing important details/moments.

How do we book you for our wedding?

Once you have secured a date + venue we can move forward with booking! Simply fill out the inquiry form HERE and one of us will reach out to you very soon. To reserve your day I require a signed contract and a $500 retainer. 

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