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I am a professional photographer and FAA Certified drone pilot based in Southern California. My work has been featured on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, NBC, CBS, LA Times, as well as a variety of other media outlets.


I have a passion for art. It's happening all around us all the time. My greatest joy is capturing its beauty. Whether it's documenting a shark from above with a drone or photographing a cheetah running on the African plains; I believe beauty is all around us. Photography is among the greatest creations of mankind. Photography does more than allow an artist to capture a moment in time. It allows one to capture life in its bare elements. It captures its vulnerable moments, its candid moments, its joy, pain, beauty, and perhaps the most essential element; love. This is why I picked up a camera in 2001. Since then, I've been capturing moments.


But it's not always just me. My amazing wife, Andi is also a photographer. We photograph the northern lights, sharks, people, and everything in between. She brings her perspective to all of our shoots and her creativity enhances not just my work, but our final product collectively. Her eye sees things I don't and my technical nerdiness is balanced by her creativity.

We approach photography with the simple concept that “life is art”. We love photography and we love life. If you feel the same way, let’s get to know each other better.   

                                                    -Carlos & Andi

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