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Malibu Photography & Editing Workshops


Malibu is a perfect place for a photography workshop. From spectacular beaches to some surprisingly beautiful night skies, Malibu can be a photographer's paradise, especially in the winter when sunsets run ablaze. 


Summer is the best time to see and photograph the Milky Way. Interestingly, you can see and photograph the Milky Way in Malibu, just a few miles from the city lights of LA.  My workshops are either a couple nights of in-the-field night photography or a couple afternoons and sunsets in Malibu, California. The photography workshops will cover basic to advanced techniques in capturing images with your camera. During Summer Milky Way season, weather permitting we demonstate how to capture the Milky Way and various light painting techniques. We will also be spending at least 3 hours learning post editing techniques.

For the night portion of the workshop, the explanation of the 500 rule, light painting, star stacking for star trails, nightscape portraits, time-lapsing, and editing images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop will also covered.

Cost: $225 per person

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Typical Workshop Itinerary 

Day/Night 1:- Participants meet before 1-2 hours before sunset (if workshop is not Night Photography). Photography learning session and photography session. 


Day/Night 2-We will focus on editing via Lightroom and Photoshop today before we go photograph sunset. I will walk folks through my workflow and editing techniques as well as edit at least one of each participants photos.  This will be followed by an in the field photography lesson (if night photography is the topic, otherwise we will photograph sunset). 

Additional Information-

Please bring a wide angle lens ranging from 10mm to 35mm, a headlamp, and a tripod. A zoom lens is also recommended. 70-200 is ideal. Cable releases, interval meter, memory cards, and extra batteries are also recommended.

Some water and snacks will be provided but you are responsible to bring your own adequate water and food if staying for extended time.

Bring your laptop for the editing and workflow discussion. We edit using Lightroom and Photoshop. I highly suggest downloading even a free trial of each via Adobe prior to the Workshop if you don't currently have a newer version of each program.


Night Accommodations are not provided.



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